Synthrotek 8 step analog sequencer videos! Rackmount modular style!

Power supplies with a 9v battery jack!! Center Positive or Center Negative
July 11, 2012
NEW Delay PCB’s!!!
August 2, 2012


Synthrotek’s new 8 step sequencer can be used in many ways. All the components are wired so that it can fit into multiple types of cases. We decided to go with the rackmount style to show its versatility and DIY awesomeness. This sequencer would definitely be a solid addition to any analog synth project. Check out the features below! and enjoy the vids.. Thanks


  • 8 adjustable steps with toggle switches and LED indication
  • Sequence length can be adjusted from 1-8 steps with modular-style jack inputs. Reset button sets the sequence immediately to the beginning.
  • 3 CV (Control Voltage) outputs allow for multiple synthesizer synchronization with independent threshold adjustment from 0-9V.
  • Clock IN/OUT to sync with other sequencers or clock-generating sources
  • – Momentary and Hard (Stop) Hold function to pause your sequence. Step function allows you to manually advance your sequence or adjust each step for precise CV output
  • Dual Clock Speed Controls (Coarse and Fine) gives users the ability to match the tempo for playing live or in the studio!
  • Knobs and Switches – get your hands on it!
  • Powered by 9V Battery or 12VDC Center Negative AC Adapter