MST VCO is launched and ready for sale

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The circle is complete!

We are super stoked to announce that we now have the first very complete Eurorack monophonic voice in both kit and complete form. The VCO was the last of the modules that are essential to this complete voice.  Customers can now build or purchase complete this module to either make a very complete monophonic ‘east-coast’ style voice or add this 100% analog beautiful sounding oscillator to their current system. Like most of the other modules in the MST line, the VCO was designed by synth legend George Mattson.

KIT $149.99
PCB/PANEL $39.99

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Germanium & Silicon PNP Transistor Fuzz Face Biasing Guides

July 16th, 2015 No comments

Proper biasing of the Germanium transistors found in Synthrotek’s Fuzz Face clone and the Face the Fuzz pedals is essential to getting the best (optimal) tone out of your product.  We want to take a moment here to explain how you can do this on your own for both the kit version and completed versions.  These instructions should also help with other Fuzz Face clones as well.

Synthrotek is now testing and bias testing all of the Germanium transistors that we send with kits and completed units.  We choose optimum gain for Q1 and Q2 to make sure that proper biasing is possible.  Completed pedals are biased before and after installation into the PCB to help make sure that you have a great sounding pedal upon initial use.  Even though we do this, it is important to know how to do this on your own, as Germanium transistors are very sensitive to temperature changes and will need to be re-biased now and again.  Since both kits and completed pedals both come with bias tested transistors, you should not need to completely remove the electronics from the housing.  The trimmer resistor can be dialed in by ear to suit the desired tone if you so desire.  This information is for those seeking precision.

For the Fuzz Face circuit to be optimally biased, the collector of Q2 needs to be at 4.5 volts. (When connecting the Arbiter Fuzz Face Clone circuit to your multimeter as shown in the photos below your meter will read -4.5v) The 20K trim pot is used to dial in this value.  You will need a multi-meter that reads DC voltage to accomplish this, which can be found very inexpensively at places like Harbor Freight Tools. All you need to do is connect your leads to a ground on the PCB and the collector of Q2 to get this reading. (Pedal must be powered on)

We have made two graphics below showing you how to do this for both the Fuzz Face clone (which powers off the negative rail), and our new Face the Fuzz pedal which powers off a standard 9V center negative supply and can be daisy chained with other 9V center negative pedals.

Fuzz Face Clone Biasing Guide

Fuzz Face Clone Biasing Guide

FACE THE FUZZ biasing guide

FACE THE FUZZ Biasing Guide



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The MOST powerful Eurorack Power Module on the Planet.

Our new power system offers the most power in the smallest package.  DELUXE PWR is ready to grow with you as your system grows.  Start with flying bus cables and grow to our new ‘quick-release’ Molex style power connectors paired with our new Noise Filtering Distro boards.
DELUXE PWR is only 4HP and 29mm deep (very skiffable) and is LOADED with power:
+12 – 2A, -12 – 1.5A and +5 – 1.5A
We have also added a USB connector to the front that takes advantage of the beefy +5V offerings which allow you to connect your USB powered device with ease and convenience.
Our Noise Filtering Distro boards have 3 sets of noise filtering capacitors in three places on the boards to smooth out any rough edges and to help reduce module-to-module noise.

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Eurorack DLY delay module is out NOW!

June 18th, 2015 No comments

Hey you!  I know you have been waiting for this!  True wet/dry mix, CV over feedback and trimmers to dial in all the glitchy goodness…  BUY HERE and at fine dealers worldwide. Check out DivKid’s video below:

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The new DLY Eurorack delay module will be released June 12th 2015

May 27th, 2015 No comments

Howdy folks!  We are stoked to announce that the DLY module will be released on June 12th 2015 on our store and at dealers worldwide.  Check out the video and info below for more info.

The Synthrotek DLY is a PT2399 bucket-brigade style delay Eurorack module.  The PT2399 IC delivers warm and lush analog-sounding tones (the IC is partially digital). The DLY is similar in tone to our ECHO Eurorack module, but its features make it unique in its own right.

Unlike the ECHO which always has a wet signal (i.e. the echo effect is always mixed in with the input), the DLY offers a true wet/dry Mix knob.  When the Mix knob is fully counter-clockwise, you get a dry signal. When it is fully clockwise, you get a fully wet signal.  This allows the user to incorporate this module into effects sends, etc. Also, the DLY allows for CV over Feedback and has an internal Feedback amount trimpot for precise adjustment.

Another added feature is the delay Rate range internal trimpot, which allows you to dial in the delay range of your choice. Adjust the trimmer and main Rate knob to dial in clean short slap-backs all the way to the extreme, chaotic sounds of an over-clocked PT2399 chip.

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